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SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Long-term hazardous waste storage improving

A team of researchers from the University of South Carolina is using neutrons to develop more durable and efficient materials called waste forms for safely storing hazardous substances.
(Story: ScienceDaily)

TOP STORIES: Fourth pregnant immigrant teen in US custody says administration won’t let her abort

(Story: Associated Press)

TOP STORIES: Nothing will stop migration

(Interview: CBC News)

COLUMNS AND OP-ED: A year later, an investigation in search of a crime

COLUMNS AND OP-ED: A nation should be like fulfilling marriage, one is free to leave it but can also choose to stay

TOP STORIES: Palestinians lament Trump’s season of ill-will

(Story: Guardian)

HUMAN RIGHTS: How refugees from Afghanistan, Syria and Myanmar are sustained by their food memories in Delhi

(Story: Economic Times)

TOP STORIES: South Sudan’s orphans are finding solace through song

(Story: ABC News)

TOP STORIES: Myanmar’s stateless Chin refugees in India

As the Supreme Court of India deliberates the government’s plan to deport thousands of Rohingya refugees scattered across the country, other stateless Burmese ethnic groups fear a similar fate.
(Story: Al Jazeera)

DEMOCRACY AND GOVERNANCE: Duterte declares Christmas truce with rebels

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has declared a Christmas truce with communist guerrillas and urged them to reciprocate the goodwill gesture after recently scrapping peace talks with the insurgents.
(Story: ABC News)