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NONPROFITS AND PHILANTHROPY: More jurisdictions to provide legal defense for immigrants at risk of deportation

(Audio: NPR)

GLOBAL HEALTH: Scientists find vulnerability that may hold key to killing superbugs

(Special section: The Independent)

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: World’s first floating city to be built by 2020

A pilot project underway in the coastal waters of French Polynesia is set to become the first functioning ‘floating community’ by 2020, offering homes for up to 300 people.
(Story: The Independent)

TOP STORIES: The gap between rich, poor may be peaking

(Story: Bloomberg)

DEMOCRACY AND GOVERNANCE: Allegations of sexual violence soar in France after Weinstein scandal

(Story: Guardian)

TOP STORIES: Trump travel ban to take partial effect

A federal appeals court has ruled that the Trump administration’s travel ban can go into partial effect, allowing the government to temporarily keep travelers from six Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S.
(Story: NPR)

TOP STORIES: Powerful Iran-Iraq earthquake is deadliest of 2017

(Video: CNN)

TOP STORIES: Survivors plead for help as Iran quake toll rises

Iranians living outdoors in bitterly cold temperatures after an earthquake are making desperate pleas for help. About 540 people were killed and close to 8,000 injured when the quake hit near the Iran-Iraq border on Sunday.
(Story: BBC)

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Africa’s tech surge is changing the continent

During the past few years, tens of millions of dollars in venture capital has flowed from the West into such countries as Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, and South Africa. The result is a generation of innovators whose ideas could improve the lives of their fellow Africans.
(Story: National Geographic)

BUSINESS AND TRADE: Venezuela just defaulted on October payment

Venezuela, a nation spiraling into a humanitarian crisis, has missed a debt payment. According to a statement issued by S&P Global Ratings, the grace period had expired for a payment that was due in October.
(Story: CNNMoney)