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GLOBAL HEALTH: Girls are new frontier in fight against HIV

Women, especially girls, are disproportionately affected by HIV. The numbers are staggering: Today, women are twice as likely to acquire HIV. In sub-Saharan Africa, 3 in 4 infections in teenagers are found in girls.
(Story: Public Radio International)

TOP STORIES: Saudi coalition blamed for Yemen strikes

The United Nations has blamed a Saudi-led coalition for a deadly air strike on civilians in Yemen this week, saying there were no military targets in the area hit.
(Story: Al Jazeera)

HUMAN RIGHTS: Among the ruins of Mosul

(Photo: National Geographic)

BUSINESS: North Korea’s economy is booming

North Korea’s economy grew in 2016 at the fastest pace since 1999, helped by a recovery from a drought in 2015. Military spending, including on testing nuclear weapons and missiles, also boosted growth, and raised tensions in the region.
(Story: Bloomberg)

COLUMNS AND OP-ED: India’s banking stokes economic boom

TOP STORIES: Thailand’s largest human trafficking trial

More than 60 people were sentenced to jail by a Bangkok court in the largest human trafficking trial in Thailand’s history.
(Story: The Atlantic)

COLUMNS AND OP-ED: Trump’s travel ban hits women the hardest

GOVERNANCE AND POLITICS: The new White House press secretary

(Story: The Hill)

HUMAN RIGHTS: Nigerian women trafficked into Sicily

(Story: Public Radio International)

HUMAN RIGHTS: Nigerian girls at risk of sex trafficking

Thousands of Nigerian migrant girls being brought to Italy are in great danger of being forced into prostitution in Europe, often naive about their fate at the hands of traffickers.
(Story: Reuters)