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HUMAN RIGHTS: In Mosul, a struggle to survive

A week after the city’s liberation, the noise of fighter jets, gunfire and the shouts of security forces are the only sounds that break the eerie silence. In the past two weeks, civil defense workers have recovered more than 1,000 bodies of civilians in western Mosul.
(Story: NPR)

GOVERNANCE AND POLITICS: Spicer quits amid White House feud

White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigned following his opposition to President Donald Trump’s expected appointment of Anthony Scaramucci to be the new White House communications director.
(Story: Politico)

TOP STORIES: Protests in Poland over putting Supreme Court under political control

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COLUMNS AND OP-ED: The Senate’s Russia sanctions bill is a disaster, but it can easily be fixed

COLUMNS AND OP-ED: Liberal hysteria over Trump‘s voter fraud panel proves why it’s needed

COLUMNS AND OP-ED: The real voter fraud: As Trump investigates ‘millions’ of illegal votes, states are limiting access to the ballot box

GOOD NEWS: The project transforming shipping containers into emergency homes for homeless people

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GOOD NEWS: Couple wed after 70 years apart

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GOOD NEWS: Banker learns by playing music with homeless

Chris Leamy, a Wall Street banker with a budding side career as a musician, started playing with the homeless as a way to try out new songs. He’s since started a campaign called “He Plays for Me” to raise awareness – and money – for a population that has so little.
(Story: CBS News)

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Scientists reveal how patterns of brain activity direct specific body movements

(Story: Medicalxpress)