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TOP STORIES: Zimbabwe’s crisis over presidential succession

(Story: Al Jazeera)

ENVIRONMENT: ‘Super invader’ tree hits South

The tallow tree, a “super invader” with toxic leaves and no natural enemies in North America, is conquering the South. Overtaking forests from Texas to Florida, tallows grow three times faster than most native hardwoods, and each one casts off 100,000 seeds a year.
(Story: NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth)

ENVIRONMENT: Scale of ‘nitrate timebomb’ revealed

Huge quantities of nitrate chemicals from farm fertilizers are polluting the rocks beneath our feet, a study says. Researchers at the British Geological Survey say it could have severe global-scale consequences for rivers, water supplies, human health and the economy.
(Story: BBC)

BUSINESS AND TRADE: Think bitcoin is expensive? Try Zimbabwe

For most investors around the world, bitcoin is a volatile and highly speculative bet. For Zimbabweans, however, the cryptocurrency seems to offer rare protection from the onset of hyperinflation and financial implosion.
(Story: Reuters)

COLUMNS AND OP-ED: Secret settlements protect sexual predators

TOP STORIES: African youth are fighting for action on climate

(Special section: Deutsche Welle)

COLUMNS AND OP-ED: Are South Africa’s anti-corruption crusaders racist?

COLUMNS AND OP-ED: We must end global oligarchy

GLOBAL HEALTH: Infections are becoming antibiotic resistant

The NZ College of Public Health Medicine is raising its concerns about the responsible use of antibiotics. Some common infections are developing resistance to current medicines and a health crisis is looming
(Story: New Zealand Herald)

DEMOCRACY AND GOVERNANCE: Theresa May faces test in Parliament over Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May’s blueprint for Britain’s exit from the European Union faces a crucial test this week, when lawmakers try to win concessions from a weakened leader on the government’s legislation to sever ties.
(Story: Reuters)